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Dental Tourism

Holidaying and World Class Dental Care

Dental tourism in Wayanad - The best option for cost effective world-class dental treatment while enjoying your holidays. Groowynd Holidays in association with Exodus Dental Care provides you dental implants, tooth whitening, dental crown, root canal treatment and other dental treatments while holidaying in Wayanad at best rates without any compromise on quality.

How does it work?

Groowynd Holidays in association with Exodus Dental Care, One of the biggest Dental Hospitals in kerala, will provide you with the best dental treatments available along with a fabulous vacation at very affordable rates. The traveler sends his queries through email and estimate and schedule for treatment are conveyed in consultation with Exodus. Groowynd Holidays takes care of all logistics and tourism related services, while Exodus meets all treatment needs.

Major Features of Dental Tourism in Wayanad

  • Cost Effectiveness: You will be surprised to see how much money you can save, even after you consider the cost of holidaying and travel costs.
  • World Class Dental Care: The Dentists at Exodus are well qualified and trained and hence there is no compromise on quality. The professionals are affiliated to International bodies and have years of experience in their field of operation.
  • Patient-focused service: Exodus Dental Hospital cater to international patients, and have designed their facilities to center around the patient experience.
  • Tourism opportunities: Groowynd Holidays will help you with all aspects of your trip, from making your travel plans, arranging the accommodation of your choice and budget, transportation from Calicut, which is the nearest Airport/Railway Station or Bangalore Airport. Also, sightseeing of all tourist places of Wayanad will be organized. Also, other places of tourist interest in India.

Approaches to Dental Tourism

  • Specialized Dental Treatments: Major dental procedures like dental Implants, dental crown, root canal treatment etc. will be taken care on prior consultation/ appointment and the travel itinerary will be organized without affecting the treatment schedule.
  • Generic Cosmetic Dental Treatments: Cosmetic treatments like teeth cleaning, laser teeth whitening, preventive treatments etc. with a maximum duration of 1-2 hours will be scheduled in the travel itinerary without affecting the sightseeing at the convenience of the guest.

Why Exodus Dental Care?

Exodus Dental Care with ISO 9001-2008 certification, is one of the biggest and most advanced Dental Hospitals in Kerala with ultra modern infrastructure and equipment of world class standards. Whatever be your requirement - a Smile design, Dental Implant, Full mouth rehabilitation or a second opinion, Exodus Dental Care can provide custom-made treatment plan that fits into your budget and the travel itinerary as well.

  • Exclusives: All US-FDA approved equipment - Zero microbe Sterilization and hygiene as per ADA standards - Specialized Doctors for all specialties - 5 Specialty treatment rooms - Laser assisted treatments - Computerized injection technology for anxious patients - Advanced in-house Dental Lab - Advanced radiographic facilities (OPG-LAT CEPH) - Authorized Centre for Nobel BiocareTM Implants - Specialty guest lounge with library and wi-fi - Crowns and bridges from 3M and the like with warranty cards upto 15 years - Disabled friendly and child friendly hospital.

Why Groowynd Holidays

  • One of the leading travel planners of Wayanad.
  • Presence in Wayanad, New Delhi, Calicut, Mysore and Australia.
  • Destination Expert on Trip Advisor.
  • Featured Tour Company on Trip Advisor.
  • Focused on Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Duration and Comparative Cost of Major Treatments

Dental procedure Avg. Cost in USA,UK ($) Cost in India ($) No. of visits/Duration
Dental Implants(Nobel Biocare)-Immediate Loading 4,000 900 Single visit of one week duration.
Dental Implants(Nobel Biocare) 3,500 800 2 visits. 1st visit of 2-4 days & 2nd visit of 2 weeks duration in a span of 4-5 months
Smile Design 8000 Varies Min 1 week stay
Dental Crown Metal Free (Lava) 2,000 300 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Dental Crown Metal Free (Zircon) 1,800 200 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Tooth impactions 2,000 100-150 1 visit of 1-2 hrs
Teeth whitening Laser 1200 280 1 visit of 1-2hrs
Root canal Treatment 1,000 80-100 1 visit of 1-2 hrs
Metal Ceramic Dental Crown 1,000 80 2 visits of 30-45 mts each in a span of 3-5 days
Tooth coloured composite fillings 500 20-30 1 visit of 15-30 mts duration

FAQ's on Dental Tourism

IAMAT - International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers, in its advisory to travelers suggests the following factors before you go for any dental vacation. Here you have the answers?

  • Is the clinic clean, neat and organized and are basic sanitation practices in place?

Exodus Dental care gives lot of importance to hygiene and 'absolute hygiene' being one of the brand identities. High quality disinfectants are used to clean surfaces and sanitary standards are STRICTLY monitored at the highest level.

  • Do they use new rubber or vinyl gloves, and masks, with each patient?

At Exodus, disposable vinyl gloves and masks are used with each patient.

  • Are the instruments sterilized between procedures, using a steam sterilization or dry sterilization method?

The most advanced Zero Microbe dry sterilization method is practiced.

  • Are new needles used for each patient? Are used needles and supplies disposed of properly?

The latest Computer assisted Injection Technology is used which follows a Single Needle/Patient protocol. Disposal of needles are done as per international standards in tie up with IMAGE.

  • What kind of X-ray equipment do they have?

RVG X-rays and the most advanced OPG - LAT CEPH capable of taking full mouth X-rays are used.

  • Where do the dental materials like porcelain, composite filling material and implants come from and do they provide warranty for crowns etc.

All dental materials at Exodus come from CE certified dental lab and the implants are from Nobel Biocare. Warranty for dental crowns and bridges are given for upto 15 years.

Write to info@groowynd.com for more info.

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